Charity Partner

Charity Partner

BULLYING… We’re Kickin’ It is a 501c3 national (not-profit) organization designed to reduce bullying behavior by improving the overall school and social climate, providing youth with the strategies to balance self-confidence, take responsibility of their own actions and positively intervene to help another.

Kickin’ It delivers national support with school projects, intervention strategies, faculty and bus driver support, in-service workshops helping schools to create peaceful classrooms, parent/guardian groups, student mentoring programs, social media support.

The Kickin’ It Kids AntiBullying & Leadership Center (Headquarter in NJ) is the First Center of its Kind Embracing Children from Early Childhood throughout Their School & Social Journey

• Programs include a Core Character Building Curriculum using its NJEA Endorsed Antibullying Program
• Manners, Etiquette and Kindness are Taught & Re-enforced
• Only Daily Curriculum that Includes Martial Arts Workshops Beginning at the Preschool Level
• Provides positive outlets such as music, art, animal care, dance, health, beauty, athletics and martial arts.

Positive outlets help turn negative feelings, stresses and emotions into positive energy and healthy respectful behaviors.

The Kickin It Center offers free community resources for schools families and students and is an open center that welcomes youth of all ages that need a support. Onsite the Center provides preschool, day camps, after school programs, mentoring and summer camps.

For more information on the Kickin’ It organization, please check out the following links.

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